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 1. There are 2 black balls, 3 blue balls, 5 green balls and 6 red balls in a basket. Suppose you grab one ball at random. What will the probability be that you will grab a blue or a red ball? *

a) 1/2

b) 2/3

c) 3/8

d) 3/16

e) 9/16

 2. A book distributor is trying to divide an order of textbooks into equally sized groups for shipping in cartons. The textbooks can be divided into groups of 12, groups of 15, or groups of 18, with no books left over. Which of the following inequalities is satisfied if N is the smallest possible total number of textbooks?

a) 100 ≤ N < 150

b) 150 ≤ N < 200

c) 200 ≤ N < 250

d) 250 ≤ N < 300

 3. Given pn = 150 where p is a prime number and n is a natural number, which of the following must be true?

a) p is a factor of either 10 or 15.

b) 10 is a factor of n.

c) n is a factor of either 10 or 15.

d) 15 is a factor of n.

 4. Four pumps begin draining a 5400-gallon pool. At the same time, two pumps begin draining a 4000-gallon pool. Assuming that all of the pumps drain at the same rate, how many gallons are left in the smaller pool when the larger pool is finished being drained?

a) 1300 gallons

b) 1350 gallons

c) 2700 gallons

d) 2750 gallons

 5. When 2a2-12a+13 is written in the form of 2(a+m)2 +n, what is the value of n?

a) -13

b) -5

c) 1

d) 13

 6. Find the solution of x2+x-12<0.

a) x < -4 or x > 3

b) x < -3 or x > 4

c) -4< x < 3

d) -3< x < 4

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